eBook || power time family planner

$ 8.50

An eBook designed to help families use time more consciously, more deliberately.

Let’s start looking at it that way and taking some time each week to think about how we are spending time with our kids.

  • Do we really know our kids? What do they like? Dislike?
  • Do we really know what they know?
  • Do we know what our children need in order to thrive socially? Academically? Emotionally?
  • What goals do we have for our children?
  • What goals do our children have for themselves?
  • How can we help our child meet those goals?

Keeping our kids’ brains and bodies moving is a continued work in progress.

I’m not suggesting that we micro manage our children’s lives, controling every single aspect from dawn to dusk; rather, I’m saying that we need to use our time more consciously. More deliberately.

So that everyone thrives and to make sure that we’re giving our kids the best life they can have.


  • Cover sheet
  • Weekly Power Time planner
  • Power Time weekly overview
  • 4- week blank planner
  • 8- week blank planner
  • Power Time brainstorm sheets
  • 2016 Live Focused calendar
  • suggested outline