FAMILY smart summer challenge 2018: 4-7 yrs AND 8-14 years

$ 44.50

The Smart Summer Challenge 2018 is HERE!! And we're ready to get the WHOLE family involved!! 

Except this year it's a little different. It's a real CHALLENGE.

7 weeks. An activity for each weekday, Monday through Friday. For seven full weeks

Each Tuesday, you'll receive detailed resource pages packed with the supplies you'll need, the printables, and each and every daily activity for your child for the next week.

Each week, you'll receive:

  • a detailed description of each day's activity for both challenges;
  • a list of the supplies you'll need for the week for both challenges;
  • the printables and graphics you'll need for both challenges; 
  • photos (for most!) to help you better understand for both challenges;
  • links to any relevant sites, videos, or slideshows for both challenges;
  • a printable for the table for each day so your child knows what to do for both challenges!

For less than $6 a week for all of your children (ages 4-14 years!), you'll have an activity to keep them busy for 7 weeks. And? There's more for you if you need it.

It will be the best summer ever. Do you know why? Because it's going to be a Smart Summer.



please note: Some suggested activities may involve a book, product, or supply that you need to purchase in advance. All supply lists will be sent the Tuesday in advance, and most products will be linked to in Amazon. It is suggested that if you don't already have an Amazon Prime membership, you grab one now!